Maven Best Practices Slides from ApacheCon US

I completed my 3rd and final talk at ApacheCon this morning, which was More Apache Maven Best Practices. The talk went well – a number of points that are worth reiterating, though perhaps a little too well known to the seasoned Maven users. I managed to put at least one Maven developer to sleep in the process.

It’s been a busy conference, having done the full day training on Tuesday and a short status update presentation on NMaven at the fast feather track, as well as catching up with other Apache folk and quite a few Maven developers. Our BOF was very well attended.

With the formalities over I’m hoping to have the time to post a few updates and get down to a bit of coding face to face that I missed out on at the hackathon.

In the mean time, the slides can be found on the ApacheCon site. The previous talk from last year is also still available on my blog.

UPDATE: the slides are no longer on the ApacheCon site, but you can view them on Slideshare.

4 responses to “Maven Best Practices Slides from ApacheCon US

  1. You indicated that the slides are available, but there is no link to the slides (or I could not find them 😦 )


  2. the pdf link is broken

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