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NPanday 1.2.1 Released

In the midst of the move to Apache that I’ve just written about, Joe has also released NPanday 1.2.1 from Codeplex to wrap up the outstanding issues that were in SVN before we started the migration process.

The main improvements of the release were to dramatically improve the performance of SNAPSHOT resolution, and to support building with Maven 3. In NPanday 1.2, we started to bring the resolution back to the Maven standard APIs to improve compatibility. This release further streamlines the process, and allows you to take advantage of additional performance improvements of the Maven 3 betas.

You can download NPanday 1.2.1 from the Codeplex project, or from the NPanday Maven repository. You can find more information in the installation instructions.

Thanks to those that submitted issue reports and patches for the release!

The full list of changes is reproduced below:

  • 13590 Update/Create all three “types” of assembly version during compile when it is not there (AssemblyInfo.cs) initially
  • 13758 Resync references may cause timeouts after successive snapshot metadata retrievals
  • 13948 Performance Issue when Building projects with many snapshot dependencies
  • 13984 NPanday not building resource files correctly
  • 11651 Remove for all but the compile and aspx plugins
  • 12946 Create Code Coverage Plugin for NPanday
  • 13179 Document Workaround: GAC install fails with access denied when UAC is turned on
  • 13198 compile-plugin has two deploy phases for ArtifactType.NETPLUGIN
  • 13394 Include the steps on how to execute the ITs correctly from NPanday trunk
  • 13395 Release process notes is outdated
  • 13461 npe building gac artifact
  • 13462 add missing dependencies to dotnet poms
  • 13477 support jar style custom manifest entries in assemblies
  • 13575 Update build to use the NPanday 1.2 release
  • 13615 Configure Emma plugin
  • 13616 Configure Code Coverage plugin for .Net
  • 13635 Snapshot updates are not recognised due to the copies in UAC
  • 13652 image missing in Addin docs
  • 13655 Fix APT syntax errors on the main site
  • 13669 Improve the plugin sites
  • 13846 POM files incorrectly updated when including Web References in VS
  • 14049 Error message contains unnecessary text if project not supported.
  • 14093 Resync Reference doesn’t update SNAPSHOT artifact from local repository that already exist in .references folder
  • 14102 duplicate web reference entry in POM when including web reference

NPanday has moved to the Apache Incubator

Just short of two years ago, NPanday was established at Codeplex. It picked up where one of the branches of the NMaven podling had left off, and has since grown into the most stable, popular and comprehensive solution for Maven users looking to build .NET projects.

I wrote more about what NPanday does in the previous post on its 1.2 release, and there is plenty of information in the incubation proposal if this is an area you are interested in.

There were several reasons in my mind for returning to Apache.

The most pressing reason was repeated problems with infrastructure at Codeplex, and in particular the SVN interface they provide over the top of TFS. Failures with creating tags, altering properties, and general timeouts and weird errors were holding up releases and development (extracting the history from this was also an “interesting” exercise, and the subject of a future post).

Apache provides not only the infrastructure but the governance structure to best support and “future proof” a growing community. We had recently added two committers in Lars and Craig, and have been seeing regular patches from other contributors. The Codeplex stats showed that we had thousands of downloads and visitors, not including traffic directly to the Maven repository. This growing community has given me confidence that the project will move quickly towards a successful graduation.

Moving isn’t a quick process (now at two months since the original proposal), and thanks go to our users for bearing with us. We’re still in the process of moving infrastructure, with the following set up:

We’re still working on migrating the web site and issue tracker.

Back to the code, there’s plenty of work to do, and discussions on the next features and changes have started on the new list. If you’re interested in a Maven-like solution for building .NET projects, or working in a hybrid Java-.NET environment, we’d like to hear from you! We’re particularly interested in working with folks that can help improve the C# portions of the code, including the Visual Studio Add-in.

If you’re one of the many users out there, what do you think of the move?

NPanday 1.2 Released – .NET integration for Apache Maven

Over the last month, the NPanday developers have been doing a considerable amount of work to ship the 1.2 release, which is now available at Codeplex. There are over 50 improvements included, with the main items of note being:

  • Improved type names to better distinguish .NET artifacts
  • An MSI-based installer for the Visual Studio Addin and Maven plugins
  • MVC project support
  • Rewrite of documentation

NPanday primarily provides two capabilities: a set of Maven plugins, for constructing builds in Maven that use the .NET command-line tools; and a Visual Studio Addin that keeps a Visual Studio project in sync with the Maven POM and adds reference resolution from Maven artifact repositories. Together this allows you to use a single tool across .NET, Java or any other Maven-based projects, including the same benefits of dependency management, automated release and source control management, and so on.

NPanday has emerged as the defacto solution for those looking to build .NET projects using Maven, and it has been great to see the community growing and active over the last year, with many more users participating and submitting patches. Earlier in the year we added Lars Corneliussen as our newest committer, and he has been leading the charge to NPanday 2.0 and cleaning up some of the historical cruft in the codebase. We’re looking forward to a lot more activity in that area in the near future that will make NPanday even easier to work with in the future.

If you’re building .NET projects and are familiar with Maven, or looking for Maven-like features, I hope you’ll to check it out and let us know what you think!