ApacheCon talk slides online

It’s day 2 of the main part of the conference here at ApacheCon, and I had a couple of presentations to give, the slides of which are now online. The first was on Apache Maven Best Practices, which went quite well – though first up in the morning is tough (both the speaker and attendees lack the prerequisite amount of caffeine). Many people came in mid-session, of course having missed all the best jokes and self-deprecating Maven humour. Too bad!

Jesse spoke afterwards and completed the 3-talk (including Jason’s the previous day) “Maven track” for the conference.

Later this afternoon, a shameless attempt to get new committers on the NMaven incubator project at the fast feather talk which gave NMavenACUS07 of what’s happening there.

One more talk to check out today, and then it’s beer and lightning talks. Should be fun.

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