Maven Training and Talks at ApacheCon in November

ApacheCon US, this year in New Orleans, is almost upon us already!

I’ve got a busy conference this year. Firstly on November 4, there is a full day training entitled Apache Maven, End-to-end:

This training session will walk through the lifecycle of developing a typical Java application from creation to deployment, and show how to use Apache Maven most effectively to manage the build and development process. In addition to the fundamental building blocks of the project, the session will cover testing, day-to-day development in the IDE, setting up documentation, tracking development reports and practices, application of Maven best practices, effective dependency management, and establishing a release process. Effective use of continuous integration (illustrated with Apache Continuum) and repository management (using Apache Archiva) as a part of development infrastructure for team and enterprise environments will be demonstrated. This course will be suitable both for those that are looking to get the most out of their existing Maven projects, and those that are looking to use Maven for the first time.

It should be a great and informative day, with the material aimed to offer most to the intermediate Maven user, while still being appropriate for Maven beginners.

I’ll also be presenting More Apache Maven Best Practices, the how-to talk for keeping your Maven use simple, successful, and avoiding Maven pitfalls. I’m planning to recap the important topics from my talk last year, and cover additional topics like integration testing and documentation.

The usual high quality line up of talks is available this year. And of course, there’s always time to hang out at the hackathon, and get together with committers and get involved.

I’m also joining the volunteer event after the conference to help continue some of the rebuilding work in New Orleans – which I’m expecting to be a very productive day spent away from the laptop for a worthy cause.

This is my first trip to New Orleans, though I hear from everyone that it is a beautiful place. I hope to see many a Maven user there! There are still discounted rates until the end of the month, so it is worth signing up soon.

2 responses to “Maven Training and Talks at ApacheCon in November

  1. Now that’s what I call marketing your talk at ApacheCon! Don’t forget the other talk about Q, Maven integration for Eclipse.

    Looking forward to seeing you there, and to seeing folks at the volunteer event the following Saturday.

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