Apache Maven Training in Atlanta: Nov 1, 2010

ApacheCon is fast approaching! If you’re coming to the conference, or anywhere near Atlanta, then I hope you’ll take a look at the training course I’m running there this year, Apache Maven: Effective Implementation:

This training course is designed to go beyond your current assumptions about Apache Maven and learn how to use it most effectively to manage the build and development process. Whether you are a novice aiming to start on the right foot, or a regular user looking to get more out of Maven and avoid common frustrations, this course will give you the skills you need to apply to your own projects.

By working through a series of short exercises applied to a complete sample application, you will learn how to apply common patterns in Maven builds to achieve the desired outcome, while learning best practices and common pitfalls along the way.

Topics include installation, Maven fundamentals, working efficiently with multi-module projects, simplifying the POM, the best general purpose plugins that you should know about, integration and functional testing, when (and when not) to use Maven sites and reporting, the role of profiles, snapshots and dependency management, repository management, and performing releases.

The content is updated for the latest improvements in Maven 2.2 and Maven 3, and will cater to your preference of development environment.

Time is reserved for sharing specific situations that attendees have encountered in existing projects. A laptop already configured for Java development is essential.

This year gives us the unique opportunity to get a first look at a GA release of Maven 3.0 in addition to building on a comprehensive example of how to use Maven effectively in your projects and with your teams.

Early bird prices end this Friday, October 8. Register for Apache Maven: Effective Implementation now!

I’ll be at the conference all week, and as usual hope to catch up with users and contributors as much as possible. I’ll also be speaking – though surprisingly on a topic completely unrelated to Maven (possibly a first!).

3 responses to “Apache Maven Training in Atlanta: Nov 1, 2010

  1. Ok, let me be the first to ask, so what are you talking about? If not Maven related?

    • A Real-world story of converting a database-based application to being content-driven” (or “How Archiva became a content-driven application“). I haven’t been able to come up with a suitably descriptive but catchier title. It’s looking at the underlying process of moving from a database using JDO to structured content, and investigations into the use of JCR and related tech.

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