NPanday 1.2.1 Released

In the midst of the move to Apache that I’ve just written about, Joe has also released NPanday 1.2.1 from Codeplex to wrap up the outstanding issues that were in SVN before we started the migration process.

The main improvements of the release were to dramatically improve the performance of SNAPSHOT resolution, and to support building with Maven 3. In NPanday 1.2, we started to bring the resolution back to the Maven standard APIs to improve compatibility. This release further streamlines the process, and allows you to take advantage of additional performance improvements of the Maven 3 betas.

You can download NPanday 1.2.1 from the Codeplex project, or from the NPanday Maven repository. You can find more information in the installation instructions.

Thanks to those that submitted issue reports and patches for the release!

The full list of changes is reproduced below:

  • 13590 Update/Create all three “types” of assembly version during compile when it is not there (AssemblyInfo.cs) initially
  • 13758 Resync references may cause timeouts after successive snapshot metadata retrievals
  • 13948 Performance Issue when Building projects with many snapshot dependencies
  • 13984 NPanday not building resource files correctly
  • 11651 Remove for all but the compile and aspx plugins
  • 12946 Create Code Coverage Plugin for NPanday
  • 13179 Document Workaround: GAC install fails with access denied when UAC is turned on
  • 13198 compile-plugin has two deploy phases for ArtifactType.NETPLUGIN
  • 13394 Include the steps on how to execute the ITs correctly from NPanday trunk
  • 13395 Release process notes is outdated
  • 13461 npe building gac artifact
  • 13462 add missing dependencies to dotnet poms
  • 13477 support jar style custom manifest entries in assemblies
  • 13575 Update build to use the NPanday 1.2 release
  • 13615 Configure Emma plugin
  • 13616 Configure Code Coverage plugin for .Net
  • 13635 Snapshot updates are not recognised due to the copies in UAC
  • 13652 image missing in Addin docs
  • 13655 Fix APT syntax errors on the main site
  • 13669 Improve the plugin sites
  • 13846 POM files incorrectly updated when including Web References in VS
  • 14049 Error message contains unnecessary text if project not supported.
  • 14093 Resync Reference doesn’t update SNAPSHOT artifact from local repository that already exist in .references folder
  • 14102 duplicate web reference entry in POM when including web reference

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