NPanday 1.2 Released – .NET integration for Apache Maven

Over the last month, the NPanday developers have been doing a considerable amount of work to ship the 1.2 release, which is now available at Codeplex. There are over 50 improvements included, with the main items of note being:

  • Improved type names to better distinguish .NET artifacts
  • An MSI-based installer for the Visual Studio Addin and Maven plugins
  • MVC project support
  • Rewrite of documentation

NPanday primarily provides two capabilities: a set of Maven plugins, for constructing builds in Maven that use the .NET command-line tools; and a Visual Studio Addin that keeps a Visual Studio project in sync with the Maven POM and adds reference resolution from Maven artifact repositories. Together this allows you to use a single tool across .NET, Java or any other Maven-based projects, including the same benefits of dependency management, automated release and source control management, and so on.

NPanday has emerged as the defacto solution for those looking to build .NET projects using Maven, and it has been great to see the community growing and active over the last year, with many more users participating and submitting patches. Earlier in the year we added Lars Corneliussen as our newest committer, and he has been leading the charge to NPanday 2.0 and cleaning up some of the historical cruft in the codebase. We’re looking forward to a lot more activity in that area in the near future that will make NPanday even easier to work with in the future.

If you’re building .NET projects and are familiar with Maven, or looking for Maven-like features, I hope you’ll to check it out and let us know what you think!

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