Apache Maven 2.0.11 Released

Just on a year since the Maven 2.0.10 release, Maven 2.0.11 has been announced. This release was to get a number of fixes that had already been applied to that branch out there for those who continue to use Maven 2.0.10 or below.

Note: as mentioned in the announcement, Maven 2.2.1 is still the most current release that all Maven users should upgrade to, as it contains all of these fixes and more – such as great new features like password encryption, reactor build options, and parallel artifact resolution.

As usual, Maven can be downloaded from Apache and its mirrors. The release contains 37 fixes and improvements, which are listed in the release notes.

It’ll be interesting to see what uptake there is on the release. While there were certainly still some testers around when it came up on the list, the poll I ran last July showed that well over half of the readers of this blog had already moved on to newer versions 2.1.0 and above.

It is nearly 4.5 years since the last time I pulled the trigger on a release of Maven itself (that being Maven 2.0). With further releases in 2.0.x now unlikely, it seems I get to bookend the series I put so much effort into. With a possible Maven 2.2.2 (and of course 3.0) on the horizon, it’ll be great to move on and hopefully start to implement some long lingering plans and ideas.

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