Brett Porter

Apache Maven 2: Effective Implementation Sample Chapter


When I announced the release of the book last week, I neglected to mention that there is a sample chapter online. It is available from the book’s site, but can be directly downloaded as a PDF:

There is also an excerpt online if you don’t like PDF.

While it does stand alone, the examples are also worked in to the context of the sample project used throughout the book where appropriate.

This chapter was a late inclusion, but turned out to be one of my favourites. While it doesn’t cover all the useful Maven plugins (many such as the Enforcer and Assembly plugins are picked up elsewhere in the book), it highlights some that aren’t always well known or used:

I do think if there was one plugin I would have liked to cover more in this centralised location it would have been the Enforcer – perhaps pulling some entries together would make a good blog topic in the future though.

I hope you enjoy the sample chapter and consider buying the book!