First 30 Days of my “365 Project”

With so many relatives, friends and co-workers overseas, we were always going to need to share a lot of photos to keep everyone up to date on Samantha as she grows up.

While I had taken a lot of photos over the first two weeks, I’d missed a couple of days, and once she came home it became harder to remember to grab those moments.

When a friend suggested I try one of those “365 projects”, to take a photo every day, I thought it was a great idea to give us some later comparisons and maybe get better at photo taking habits, if not photography itself. So, I went ahead and set up a set for the project.

Now 30 days in, you can already see how she has changed, where day by day it slips past you.

I do wonder what a difference it will make growing up with a life chronicled online, compared to the 1 or 2 photo albums I have to record my first 10 years or so. We need to avoid too many “embarrassing” baby photos that might show up in Google (or successive technology) in 20 years.

But for now it is a great way to keep in touch despite some great distances.

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