Selenium Maven Plugin 1.0 Released

The Selenium Maven plugin 1.0 has now been released, taking advantage of the recent Selenium 1.0.1 release. This will be useful to those using Firefox 3 for example which required a workaround in the previous version.

This is the first stable release version of the plugin. Full credit goes to Jason Dillon for his work on the plugin to get it to this point!

I will be following up with some posts on some tips for its use in the coming days.

In the mean time, here are the release notes since 1.0-rc-1:


  • [MSELENIUM-20] – Starting the selenese goal using selenium-maven-plugin
  • [MSELENIUM-39] – firefoxProfileTemplate parameter does not work
  • [MSELENIUM-43] – Invalid constructor used by selenese goal to construct SeleniumServer
  • [MSELENIUM-49] – Invalid dependency version for ‘org.openqa.selenium.client-drivers’ in site example


  • [MSELENIUM-30] – Add displayPropertiesFile support for selenium:selenese goal
  • [MSELENIUM-40] – Using a remote selenium server with Selenese.
  • [MSELENIUM-50] – Upgrade to Selenium 1.0

New Feature

  • [MSELENIUM-38] – Start Selenium Server with a Proxy via System Properties

2 responses to “Selenium Maven Plugin 1.0 Released

  1. Thanks much for this.

    1. Question: IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.3’s POM inspection thinks there is some sort of (benign?) problem with the example provided at:

    In the selenium-maven-plugin plugin definition, the ‘start-server’ goal is deemed to be unresolvable.



    I’m forging ahead to figure out how I can do the following using TestNG:

    mvn test unit-test
    mvn test integration-test
    mvn test precommit-integration-test

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