Apache Archiva 1.2 Released

Archiva is celebrating its 1-year anniversary of being a top level project at Apache, and fittingly a new release is now available for download.

Some of the new features that are in the latest release:

  • Generation of the Nexus index format
  • Other search related improvements
  • Improved audit logging of changes
  • Repository statistics information
  • An XMLRPC interface to all administration and search features
  • Ability to delete artifacts

A good number of issues with metadata handling and security roles have also been resolved – all of the issues fixed in the 1.2 series are also shown in the change log.

So, what comes next?

We’re already planning a 1.2.1 release to clean up some of the issue backlog and particularly improve the install experience for Tomcat users.

While a roadmap for the next feature release has not been locked down, it is likely some of the experimental development efforts will be folded in, such as:

  • Removing the hard dependency on a database ("back to the future" of sorts in that pre-1.0 versions of Archiva worked in this way), making it optional for statistics and querying
  • Addition of arbitrary artifact metadata to support alternate repository types
  • Re-architecting around an event model for artifacts to make customisation easier
  • More automated handling of plugins, with extension points beyond the current "consumer" model for newly discovered artifacts

As always, if you’d like to get involved we’re happy to hear from you at the developers mailing list.

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