Avoiding Duplicates in iTunes Party Shuffle

I had the odd situation today where iTunes decided to play the same song 5 times in a row. I’ve got 2300 songs in my library, though only 2138 in the active playlist. All things being equal, that’s something around a 1 in 14000 trillion chance. However, I have it set to favour higher rated songs. Even if that’s just the 68 with 5 stars, it’s a 1 in 1.45 billion chance – so the real figure should be somewhere in between. Glitch in the matrix, perhaps?

I have had fairly regular occurrences of songs popping up twice in the row before, or at least within a short period of each other, which is not too surprising. So I added a new playlist to get more towards a random-but-not-recent approach:

Smart Playlist

Unfortunately, 1 day is the smallest measurement – I’d really prefer more like 2 or 3 hours, but this will do for now (maybe that extra dropdown might appear in a future version of iTunes?)

Now I can save my luck for something more important!

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