A Cuil new internet time-waster

Forget searching for a googlewhack. With the launch of Cuil, now you can waste your time trying to find the elusive one search that shows the correct image next to a result!

Inspired by Charles’ mini-review, I also searched for myself, and here is what I found in the first page:

brett porter - Cuil
brett porter - Cuil-2
brett porter - Cuil
brett porter - Cuil
… and so on.
Jokes aside, there are some neat ideas behind Cuil. It has a long way to go before being really useful, and if anything this has to be a complimentary tool to other search engines by the looks of it. Will keep an eye on it.

4 responses to “A Cuil new internet time-waster

  1. are you sure you’re not the guy with a moose? looks very much like you har har :p

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  3. I don’t get it, I thought Google folks were supposed to be smart. Doesn’t it seem blindingly obvious that the image is unlikely to be relevant unless it’s served from the same domain?

  4. I had the same problem too, only one reference under cuil, while on google I have 20/30 (or so references), only one on cuil

    Chhers, long time no see 🙂

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