Twitter Support Standard Replies

Dear Twitter Support,

Ok, so I appreciate that you acknowledged the receipt of my request, and that you responded in a way that didn’t sound like a standard reply, and that you didn’t just cut-and-paste it.

But if you’re going to use a standard reply, try not to make it look so obvious…

Twitter Support

I just hope Lane read the request history better than Crystal 🙂 Then again, maybe I now have two feature requests open – double my chances!

2 responses to “Twitter Support Standard Replies

  1. Unfortunately, this kind of strategy is becoming increasingly necessary as literacy declines.

    How many low-level customer service people do you think even know what a semi-colon is? Do you think it is better – from Twitter’s perspective – to have these employees pump out endless variations of the same message manually, all with spelling and grammar errors? What does that gain them? Or do you suggest they send their employees on training courses? Do you think that would be cost-effective?

  2. Actually, I have no issue with using a standard reply if it’s appropriate – though receiving the same one twice on the same issue was somewhat amusing, especially considering the attempt to sound like it was a personal one.

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