Eclipse and Maven: IAM and m2e complete creation review

 It’s a good day for Eclipse and Maven users, with two integration projects passing creation review to enter the incubator at Eclipse:

With both projects growing in maturity every day and each with their own unique features and focus, Maven users should look forward to two good choices and (hopefully healthy!) competition for some time to come.

I now use IAM’s seed project, q4e, every day without any issues – in fact, better Maven support is one of the reasons I switched to Eclipse from IDEA as my primary IDE. I find that the way I work at this point in time, switching regularly between a number of open source projects, that this became one of the most important features for me. Apart from seamlessly handling the changes to the POM in the background, the WTP support has been a great win for me.

2 responses to “Eclipse and Maven: IAM and m2e complete creation review

  1. Anuradha Gunasekara

    to better maven support I guess you should switch to Netbeans not Eclipse;)

  2. Anuradha: actually, I do tend to try NetBeans again every year or so and still can’t quite get into it, but I am a former NetBeans user (even back to Forte for Java!). Maybe 6.1 will be the one to win me back – I haven’t tried it yet 🙂

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