Maven and Subversion at STI, Philippines

Back to school! I had the opportunity to sit in on a class last Saturday at STI in Cubao. Exist participates in an Open Source Engineering elective there, and while a number of subjects are taught, last weekend was about Subversion and Maven. The purpose of these half-day training sessions is to instruct the instructors that will eventually teach the course.

Igo presented the first subject, walking through source control in general and then the basics of setting up and using a Subversion repository. Deng presented the after-lunch shift, teaching the basics of Maven. Nap and I came along for tech support and heckling, respectively 😉

I learned a few things myself on the day. Firstly, a number of Tagalog words that describe building software :). What was also interesting was hearing someone else teach Maven. Deng, of course, did a superb job of giving an introduction to what Maven is all about. Teaching it myself is one thing – and it often becomes obvious what new users struggle with – but watching in the 3rd person makes it even more acute. Maven is certainly making building software easier – but it still needs to get even easier.

I have to admit that I’ve found it cool to have this project which started as a hobby for me now being taught in technical schools halfway across the world. Considering the extent of source control I was taught about in university was one assignment using SCCS, and that we only occasionally built using a makefile, students today have a huge advantage in getting started.

I’ve posted a few photos on flickr of the day:


One response to “Maven and Subversion at STI, Philippines

  1. can you please help me how to contact directly STI, because i want to propose if they want to have a sti branch here in banaue ifugao a potencial place for college.please contact me to talk about this..thanks and hoping for your reply.

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