WTP support added to Q for Eclipse

A nice surprise this morning was waking up to a message from Abel that he has implemented basic WTP support (for dynamic web applications only) in Q for Eclipse’s development version. I fired it up, imported my Archiva pom.xml files and it worked first go deploying to Tomcat.

Check out the screencast (mirror) he put together for a demo.


4 responses to “WTP support added to Q for Eclipse

  1. Is this available in a nightly build? I’d like to try it with an AppFuse archetype.

  2. Hi Matt – yes, it’s available from the development update site (http://q4e.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/updatesite-dev/)

  3. Bummer – the WTP support doesn’t seem to support the maven-warpath-plugin.

  4. The warpath plug-in required some additional support that I had implemented in Candy for AppFuse but have not yet migrated to q4e.

    It would be an interesting experiment… just allow a week or two and I’ll give it a shot.

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