Searching Archiva with Quicksilver

I run my own Archiva server to keep an offline repository of artifacts so that I can safely nuke my local repository at any time and to have a more typical set up.

I have’t written any Quicksilver actions before, but experimented with this one very quickly the other day – let me know if you find it useful or have any suggestions!

-- Search Archiva for given text
using terms from application "Quicksilver"
  on process text query
    set archivaUrl to "http://localhost:7777/archiva/"
    set queryUrl to archivaUrl & "quickSearch.action?q=" & query
    do shell script "open " & queryUrl
  end process text
end using terms from

2 responses to “Searching Archiva with Quicksilver

  1. Very cool Brett! I think that you can also accomplish the same thing without writing a script at all. Just bookmark “http://localhost:7777/archiva/quickSearch.action?q=***” in your browser and enable the web search module in quicksilver. After re-indexing quicksilver so you should able to activate quicksilver, start typing the bookmark name, then type in your query in the value field. The triple asterixs should be replaced with your query and the url executed. Check out the “Web Searching” section of this page:

  2. Nice – thanks Rod!

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