Preparing for Maven and Eclipse presentations in November

November is a great month for conferences for anyone interested in Open Source, particularly those located in the Asia Pacific with an interest in Apache or Eclipse projects.

I’m interested to see how OSSummit Asia goes this year – it is the first time it has been run, and the first time Apache and Eclipse have held a conference together. The combination has worked well with a strong line up of speakers, and lots of complimentary technologies lending themselves to talks that cross over.

I’m interested to see a successful conference of this kind held in Asia. I certainly prefer the 8-10 hour flights over the 20 hour flights to Europe or east coast US! Who knows – maybe ApacheCon OZ is next.

I’d certainly encourage people to come along if they can, and spread the word. It should be a great conference, and it’s always interesting to meet some of the project committers, contributors and users and to share experiences.

But all this does mean I’m living in Keynote right now as I polish, update and generally refresh the presentations I’ll be giving. OSSummit is the big one for me, with an extended development system training using Maven technologies, a presentation of the state of the nation regarding artifact repository technologies, in addition to my Maven Best Practices talk which I’ll also be presenting at ApacheCon US.

Should be a great month – leave a comment if you’re planning to be there!

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