Maven, Continuum, and Archiva training at OS Summit in November

It is now just over a month until OS Summit Asia, which is being held in Hong Kong. I will be presenting a number of sessions at this year’s conference, including a training session about Maven, Continuum and Archiva.

I’m also very pleased to announce that Deng Ching will now be co-presenting the training session. Deng has been involved in Maven for the last couple of years and would be well recognised by those that use the Maven Users List or follow Archiva development.

Maven, Continuum and Archiva can be used together to enhance a development ecosystem, aiding in the improvement of both quality and development velocity. This training session will demonstrate step-by-step how to use these tools, maximize their effectiveness, and cover best practices. Topics covered include a brief Maven overview and sample project, setting up a build and repository server, the optimal repository configuration for multiple environments (such as development, testing and production), adding continuous integration into the process, and performing continuous reporting. It will also cover effective Maven client usage, and Eclipse integration. By the end of the session, the developer should be able to set up an effective development ecosystem for teams of any size.

Another positive is that the time slot has been expanded since the last time I hosted this training so there will be time to go into more depth about Maven itself, and using Maven from the Eclipse IDE.

If you’re in need of better build and release management, sign up for the training session today!

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