Playing Albums with Quicksilver, iTunes and Artist Search

This is just a short note for anyone else that has encountered this most annoying trait in Quicksilver.

I started using Quicksilver to select the songs I wanted to play recently instead of dropping into iTunes itself (I’ve been using it to play/pause and move to the next song for some time). The ability to browse you’re library via the iTunes icon is very cool (and even better is setting up a trigger for Search by Artist), but it had one annoying trait: when I wanted to play a whole album, it set up the playlist in a seemingly random order. I say random because I couldn’t figure out why it had chosen the order it had, but it used the same order every time. My best guess is that it is something to do with the order on the filesystem.

I tried fiddling with lots of different options, and saw a number of people in the forums complaining about similar but slightly different problems. It’s surprising to me that not a lot of people seem to play whole albums in track order any more 🙂

The option that ended up fixing it was the one I least suspected: under preferences, in the iTunes tab, make sure "Fast Browser Play (less accurate)" is checked. Albums will then play in the correct order.

Now the only thing left to figure out is how playing albums in correct track order might be considered "less accurate"…

6 responses to “Playing Albums with Quicksilver, iTunes and Artist Search

  1. Wow! Thank-you Brett! This has been driving me crazy for the past few days. It was almost enough to de-rail my newly-found love of Quicksilver…

  2. I love Google and I love you for posting this. I don’t remember when this started happening, but I’d pretty much stopped using Quicksilver for iTunes control because of it. This tip fixed it right up.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! This problem has vexed me for nearly a year, and the most opposite option turns out to be the solution. How odd.

  4. Actually, I was excited when I discovered your post, but setting “Fast Browser Play (less accurate)” DOES NOT work for me, it plays the first one it happens to load first. Which is not always the first song in the list. This could be because searching my iTunes library (which contains about 20000 songs) is taking a few seconds.

  5. Thanks, I was getting very annoyed.

  6. The ‘less accurate’ bit is something to do with how the iTunes library is catalogued or accessed. With this option checked, opening an individual song will occasionally get the wrong song.

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