Atlassian acquires Cenqua

A quick note of congratulations to the folks at Cenqua and Atlassian, after today’s announcement. This is certainly a natural fit for the products they have. It’s great to see Australian start-ups going from strength to strength, and the guys from Cenqua are a great bunch who I see all too infrequently on this side of the planet.

Shame to lose the colour in those product logos though… and of course now there are an order of magnitude more people to complain about the Maven Clover plugin. Hmm.

The challenge left out to the Atlassian crew is of course to keep up the tradition of T-shirts and parties at JavaOne. Perhaps next year calls for a T-shirt/Stubbies combo.

All the best guys!

One response to “Atlassian acquires Cenqua

  1. Great news! I spoke to a Cenqua representative during JavaOne 2007 about the release cycle of Crucible, which seemed very slow, he answered that they had a small team of developers covering all bases at the moment and couldn’t keep up with all the demands (as fast as they wanted) and eventually Atlassian made it into the conversation somehow. I’m really happy that both companies have joined forces, their software is top quality!

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