Wrapping up at ApacheCon

Today’s the last day of ApacheCon already – it’s flown by and as usual I’ve gotten very little hacking done, but had plenty of opportunity for meeting and discussion so all in all it’s pretty worthwhile.

Still to come – I’m giving a “fast feather” talk on NMaven at 2:30pm today, in the interest of seeking out people working on .NET projects.

After that, I’m done with presentation responsibilities having done the training course on Tuesday and a presentation this morning. I was filling in for Jason after he was unfortunately unable to make it out here.

It’s weird running a presentation from someone else’s material – it feels a little odd and even though I know the content and did some preparation beforehand it takes that edge off of your confidence. Still, I think it went reasonably well and there was good attendance so hopefully they took something away from it. The slides should be online in the training materials (and will be posted to the wiki shortly).

There is certainly plenty of interest and talk about Maven here from people using it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard “I’m having a love/hate relationship with Maven. I love it, but it needs to do ….”.

Sessions of interest for me have been Open Source in China, the no-nonsense introduction to “semantic web” technologies, and the lightning talks. I was slightly disappointed with the business track talks though I do think they are a useful addition. I’m looking forward to wrapping up with Peter Royal’s talk on MINA.

Next stop is Michigan for some time with the family-in-law, then I’m off to JavaOne on Monday. If you’re there, come by the DevZuz booth and say hi!

One response to “Wrapping up at ApacheCon

  1. hi brett,

    attended both of your sessions on tuesday and on friday. i just downloaded all the presentations given on the conference, but couldnt find the one you gave on friday. i would like to review that presentation. think u can sent me that presenation material?

    would be very usefull as i want to use some of the info to use in my own presentation to introduce maven 2 and continuum.

    thx in advance!


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