Evanescence in Sydney

I had the opportunity to catch Evanescence at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Saturday, and it was great to get out to a concert for a change. I haven’t seen a lot of live music in the recent past – apart from some live music on Australia day I can’t really remember the last gig I went to.

The band was great. One of the advantages of seeing someone that only has a couple of CDs out is that you’re almost guaranteed to hear your favourite songs (though I did miss out on one in particular). I was surprised to have a newfound appreciation for a couple of songs that had either become stale or never really appealed to me that much from Fallen. While in many ways the live music is very close to the CDs, some of them are definitely stronger live and vice-versa.

It’s pretty obvious the band is now centred around Amy Lee, if it wasn’t before. Of course, she has an amazing voice and really makes the show. My only complaint is that some of the older songs lack something without the male vocals. She does all of the audience interaction, though I wasn’t sure that was going to happen at one point – the practice of blacking out between every song and then immediately starting up the next one was a little weird at first.

I’ve noticed encores become more and more like a late intermission. It really seems to be either an opportunity to make noise for no reason in some cases, or a “I paid enough for this ticket, don’t you dare leave without playing My Immortal!” cry.

The Entertainment Centre is a funny venue. The seats we had were average, but still reasonable viewing. But it seems that the crowd is more audible than the band. Maybe I’m just getting old, but the crowd was loud. Thankfully they didn’t try and sing every song 🙂

One of the funnier things was between bands – seeing the Mexican Wave. I’ve seen it indoors before, but not go around, go up across the crushed crowd in general admission, and then around again. Was neat.

Was definitely worth getting out to. Hopefully that’ll remind me to get out and see some bands more regularly.

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