My House may be Cursed

Beware the 3 year wedding anniversary. That came up in May, and consequently the expected life of most of all the appliances we acquired then seems to have passed. So far this year, we’ve written off a rice cooker, two VCRs, a printer, an answering machine, a water purifier, a telephone and an iPod (significantly younger than the rest, though). Today, we’ve added repairs to our washing machine to the list.

We’ve had no luck with furniture either over the years, with a bedroom suite that fell apart twice (once shortly after it was bought), delays on our current delivery and we’re still in pursuit of somone to get the woodchips out of the fabric of our new couch which otherwise has no wooden components. You really shouldn’t get splinters from your recliner, right?

In hindsight, buying our house and our car at the same time so close to Christmas wasn’t a bright idea either – we’ve been hit up by servicing and repairs on the car, and two insurance payments.

And today my quarterly tax bill is due. Right now, the system is down. I don’t think it’s all a coincidence.

Time to relax and make some coffee. Working from home, that appliance is one of the few that has survived despite being the most used. I give it a week.

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