I Wish More Bands Did This!

Having received an iTunes Music voucher for my birthday, I thought I’d pick up a copy of the new Barenaked Ladies album that I’d seen on the Apple home page, in the US store. However, it wasn’t in the Australian store. No worries – it’s a pre-order and we don’t tend to have them in the iTunes store here (though, I have since discovered that they have started to appear) – so I was just going to wait until it was released to grab it here.

With the international and US release dates passed and nothing appearing, I went to check out when it might be out in Australia. While I didn’t have much luck on that front, I discovered that the official BNL web site offered both the standard and 2-disc edition albums – DRM-free – at the US prices that are much cheaper than in Australia.

So I’ve bought it online – received it already despite not being released here, it’s DRM free and at a cost I presume is about 30% less than iTunes will sell it for (an even greater discount than if I were to buy it in stores which could be anywhere from $40 – $60 instead of $24.45 when it comes out).

I expect they can only do this because they now have their own record label, which is a shame as it should happen more. I buy all my music, and would really like to be able to play it everywhere without having to go through a burn/re-rip cycle. I certainly hope it turns out as a success for the band.

As for the album, I’m still listening (since there’s a huge 27 songs on the deluxe edition). I like what I hear, but nothing has grabbed me as particularly special yet. It doesn’t seem to be getting great reviews so far, but I’m also aware that I tend to like their songs more as I listen more, especially as I start to catch the lyrics.

One response to “I Wish More Bands Did This!

  1. Burn and rerip! No need. Look up QTFairUse. It automatically converts your mp3p files to mp3a stripping the copy protection off those files and backs up your original files anywhere you want. Itunes then sees your mp3 files as unrestricted and allows unlimited burns. Happy new year!

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