OGNL Maps in WebWork using JSP 2.1

Jetty 6 (which I use for day to day development) automatically uses JSP 2.1 if you are on JDK 5.0 or above, regardless of what you have specified in web.xml.

This had been biting me on WebWork, because of the introduction of unified EL. The following is no longer valid:

<ww:select list=”#{‘default’ : ‘Maven 2.x Repository’, ‘legacy’ : ‘Maven 1.x Repository’}” />

But, to escape it with \#{ doesn’t work on Tomcat 5 and other 2.0 containers.

The solution?

<ww:select list=”#@java.util.HashMap@{‘default’ : ‘Maven 2.x Repository’, ‘legacy’ : ‘Maven 1.x Repository’}” />

Thank goodness OGNL had this other syntax for maps that doesn’t look like an expression 🙂

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