Upgrading Pebble from 2.0.0-M2 to 2.0.0-M3

Have just upgraded the blog software to Pebble 2.0.0-M3 which was just released, which was quite painless.

As the post above indicates, the following changes are needed:

  • Add the multiBlog property to the applicationContext-pebble.xml file.
  • Changed configuration of pebbleUserDetailsService and added pebbleSecurityRealm to the applicationContext-acegi-security.xml file.
  • Added a ROLE_BLOG_PUBLISHER role that can publish/unpublish blog entries.
  • Changes to the CSS

I basically took a diff of my acegi config file to the one originally in M2 and reapplied that patch to M3 which worked just fine.

I did similarly for my theme directory since it is customised, but still based on the original one in Pebble for now. This didn’t apply quite so cleanly but it didn’t take long to sort out.

The only other change in configuration that I noticed is that EmailAuthorNotificationListener (which mails the post author) now exists in addition to EmailNotificationListener (which mails the blog owners), and is the recommended but commented out entry in the default plugin properties. This might be a useful change for those who are contributing to a single blog.

Other than that, it has just worked, which is great!

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