Free Maven 2 Book Released

Well, “Better Builds with Maven” is finally out there.

The book is the first about Maven 2, and was written by Maven developers myself, Jason van Zyl, John Casey, Vincent Massol, and Carlos Sanchez. The chapters include:

  • An introduction to Maven 2.0
  • Creating, compiling and packaging your first project
  • Best practices and real-world examples
  • Building J2EE Applications
  • Extending builds by creating your own Maven plugins
  • Monitoring the health of source code, testing, dependencies and releases
  • Team collaboration and utilising Continuum for continuous integration
  • Converting existing Ant builds to Maven

If you happened to get the pre-release before today, the book has been updated – you can download it again from the website.

3 responses to “Free Maven 2 Book Released

  1. Brett,

    aside from the link no longer resolving, in chapter 5 ‘Developing Custom Maven Plugins’ it mentions that you’ll need to work with the external buildinfo project which can be found in the source code that accompanied the book. When I downloaded it, the book was just a PDF, no source code included.

    From where can I get that source?

  2. Dear Brett,

    From the book “Better Builds with Maven”, I browse to download the sample source code, but the URL is blank.

    Can you help to direct me to the correct site to download the sample code for this book?


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