The serious side of the Dilbert Blog

I’ve really been enjoying the Dilbert Blog since discovering it a little while back. There are entries pretty much daily to go along with the Dilbert comic, and Scott Adams’ same sense of humour comes through, though this time applied to the real world (though it’s easy to argue that the Dilbert comic is very close to the real world too sometimes!) It’s often laugh-out-loud type stuff.

It was good to see him take a more serious, less cynical, side today in writing about James Blake’s comeback in professional tennis. It’s a really great story – check it out. It’s great to see there are still professional sportsman such as Federer who can be humble despite their tremendous ability. Being an Australian, I still like to see Australians win contests, but I have a hard time cheering for Lleyton Hewitt (who is also mentioned in the story) with the way he behaves on court. Compare that to somone like Pat Rafter who didn’t quite reach the same heights, but is a far more memorable player for the attitude he brought to the game.

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