VMWare Player saves the day

I got back into doing a small feature enhancement for Continuum the other day. There was just one problem – after I built Continuum myself and ran it, my machine dropped to a blue screen of death and rebooted. (Yes, I’m back on Windows). This was pretty strange, as running Continuum that others built work just fine, and I really didn’t have time to investigate it any further.

What to do? Pretty hard to develop if you can’t run something you build. I don’t really have a separate development server at my disposal right now.

Luckily, I’d gone VMWare image crazy just a few days before. I was testing out startup scripts, so I’ve used this information to create a stack of VM images – from my old versions of Windows I have lying around to Darwin and OpenSolaris. I also had the Ubuntu VM already downloaded from the VMWare site. Up until a couple of months ago I’d been using Ubuntu but I got tired of the network problems I was having, so it was good to have it around again.

That was the best solution I could come up with. I now have my home directory on the Ubuntu VM mounted over samba so I can edit like its local, run it in the VM, browse from my own browser, and debug using remote debugging like I’d have to anyway. The speed difference really isn’t noticable – the only annoying thing is coordinating the capture of the pointer inside that window.

So, an odd setup, but actually quite a nice one if you like Linux from the command line and Windows for your apps (and drivers).

One response to “VMWare Player saves the day

  1. You can also try EasyVMX!

    EasyVMX! is the simple and failsafe way to create complete virtual machines for VMware Player on the web.


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