Job Opportunity at Mergere

Mergere has an opportunity for a developer in our product development team, developing our software lifecycle management system, based on Apache Maven and Continuum.

The role includes responsibility for all aspects of a project, including helping to identify requirements, designing and documenting specifications, implementing and testing solutions, and managing time lines for the successful and timely delivery of the projects.

Mergere offers a flexible, distributed work environment. We follow the best practices of Community-oriented Realtime Engineering (CoRE) to increase project visibility and lower communication overheads.

Resumes should be sent to brett *at* mergere *dot* com. OpenDocument, PDF or plain text formatted are preferred.

Specific Responsibilities:

* Design and implementation of Mergere products

* Adhere to the product plans throughout project life cycle

* Identify possible project risks and implement corrective action to ensure project success

* Work with Mergere sales, marketing, architects, and quality assurance, to ensure successful project completion

* Work with Mergere community-oriented engineering team that participate in relevant open source projects

* Work with Mergere client technical services to ensure products meet the requirements of clients

* Participate in ongoing design and process improvements related to planning, development, and delivery of Mergere solutions

* Participate in improving Mergere business practices and processes

Required Skills:

* 4+ years experience in software development

* Strong Java programming and design skills

* Knowledge of different development methodologies

* Details and results oriented

* Efficient and effective when working independently, with cross-functional teams.

* Excellent communication (verbal, written and presentation) and interpersonal skills

* Proven technical and organizational skills

* Thrive on working in a fast-paced environment

* Effective problem solver

* A driven and positive personality

* Able and willing to learn Mergere product offerings

Beneficial Skills:

* Experience in using Apache Maven and related tools

* Active involvement with a Java Open Source community

* Able and willing to travel 4-6 weeks per year

4 responses to “Job Opportunity at Mergere

  1. where is the position based?

  2. Ian: while the offices are in Los Angeles, many of our developers work from home.

  3. Hi Brett,

    Sounds cool!

    Could this be part-time or is it full time only?


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