Maven 2.0 – almost there

Maven 2.0 Beta 3 is out.

There’s plenty happening for Maven right now. This release is the second last beta as we approach the final release in the next couple of weeks. More of the original plugins are now available, and most boast improved functionality on top of the enhancements to the Maven engine itself. If you can’t do it with this beta, you won’t be able to do it with the final. It’s bugfixes, better error reporting and doco from here on out.

The web site today sports a new look, much nicer than the boxish default look that has been around for the last couple of years.

We knew from Maven 1.0 that people didn’t mind delving into the betas to find out what was going on, but given the bad experience many had with them last time around, I expected that it would be a bit quieter for Maven 2.0.

I was wrong.

We’ve had a huge amount of interest since the first beta was released – some using the ant tasks, some migrating from ant, some coming from maven 1.x. Hopefully we’ve given them a better experience this time around, with the releases being very consistent right through the betas.

Back in June, JavaOne was indicative of the current trend for Maven. Plenty of folks dropped by the Mergere booth to say hi and let us know how they were using Maven. Glassfish was announced and its use of Maven was a talking point, and the 2 BOF’s we held were packed out. What I thought was a dud time turned out to have people sitting on the floor with about 90 people squeezing into the small presentation room on both occasions. And only once was that for the free beer.

Maven is popular. As the recent ONJava survey said – 19% of respondants use it. But its still the tool you’ll love to hate – as one respondant to the same survey also said.

Maven 2.0 will probably be no different, but hopefully this time only due to the fear of change rather than any technical limitations. I hope to write more on that tomorrow.

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