Weekly Beta Releases Coming Up…

Now that we’re into the end game for Maven 2.0, we’ll be producing weekly betas for installation and testing to try and get more timely feedback on fixes, and to avoid people falling back to building from the latest Subversion which is a moving target.

Beta-2, out today, contains a number of bugfixes, especially to do with dependency resolution.

Beta-3 will focus on polishing up the exception handling and any remaining major issues.

Beta-4 is expected to be close to the final release, with all blocking issues fixed.

At this point, we’re keen to get some stable releases out there – there are lots of people looking to put it into production now so it is time to start locking it down. We also expect to deliver regular releases over the following weeks to resolve any minor issues, while work commences on the 2.1 feature release.

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