Glassfish: Sun JARs may soon be in the Maven repository

This is some of the best news I’ve had all year 🙂

It seems the next releases of JavaMail and Activation binaries will be available under CDDL, and I hear other spec jars are going down that same path.

If I understand the license correctly, this means they can be distributed from the Maven repository at Ibiblio, as long as they carry a notice that indicates where the source can be located.

I’ll definitely be following this closely. It may even be worth building our own snapshot of these libraries from sources and pushing them up to ibiblio, though personally I’d prefer to wait for an official release rather than risk proliferating a temporary version.

Given that Glassfish builds with Maven, maybe we can add them to the list of repository sync partners and releases would be pushed out automatically in the same way as other open source organisations – who knows.

One response to “Glassfish: Sun JARs may soon be in the Maven repository

  1. Brett, I thought that I would post this response to you here rather than @ a more public forum, because I’m not sure that I actually understand the ramifications of my question. It was my understanding that most of the public J2EE API’s were available wrapped in the geronimo spec jars. Do you have any sense of what is up with them?

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