Transitive Dependencies in Ant

The Maven team have released a set of Ant tasks for performing dependency management within your Ant scripts. This includes:

  • Transitive dependencies
  • Snapshot handling
  • Scope tracking
  • Deployment using SCP, SFTP, and file protocols

The tasks are based on the Maven 2.0 artifact handling code, so behave identically. The version included is slightly newer, from the upcoming alpha-2 release.

This gives you access to the more than 8500 artifacts available in the Maven central repository, and the ability to utilise the published artifacts from other Maven 1.0 or Maven 2.0 built applications.

An example use:

<artifact:dependencies pathId="dependency.classpath">
  <dependency groupId="org.apache.maven.wagon" artifactId="wagon-provider-test" version="1.0-alpha-2"/>

User’s guide:

One response to “Transitive Dependencies in Ant

  1. That’s truly cool that you guys are supporting Ant-based projects as well. That should certainly help with adoption. Way to go, guys!

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