Maven 1.0.2 out, roll on Maven 1.1…

Ok, so the Maven 1.0.2 release is out, most importantly fixing the property inheritence regression that found its way into Maven 1.0.1 (when you roll up 4 months of bugfixes in one release, I guess you’re asking for that to happen 🙂
There were a few fixes for dependency handling that were discovered after 1.0.1 that were also included, as well as updates to the java, ear, cruisecontrol and dashboard plugins.

A quiet release, but that is now the stable version that should persist for the next couple of months. Unless something goes horribly wrong, this will be the last Maven 1.0.x release.

Next up: Maven 1.1, which has some nice features coming while building on the current core so that projects will continue to build unmodified (with a few small, documented, exceptions). There will be a lot of changes under the hood too.

One response to “Maven 1.0.2 out, roll on Maven 1.1…

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering – could you specify what new features are you planning to incorporate into 1.1?

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