blog stacking in javablogs?

This arrived today (right now it can be viewed here:
The blog is http://localhost:8080/. At the end of the day, all it means is that you lose the real “hot” entries because you can’t get to this blog anyway 🙂
The question is, is this an exploit of a bug in javablogs or has it been deliberately stacked by requesting it continually?

One response to “blog stacking in javablogs?

  1. Looking at the logs, it seems that it’s caused by a bug in the NewsMonster aggregator.

    NewsMonster has this INCREDIBLY ANNOYING feature whereby it automatically pulls down every referenced link in an RSS feed. Which means that NewsMonster adds a ‘hit’ to every post it sees, despite the fact that our robots.txt file explicitly prohibits spidering any of the “Jump” URLs.

    It seems like this misfeature combines with a bug triggered by the fact that the Jump URL points to ‘localhost’ to cause NewsMonster to hammer the redirect link again and again.

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