Maven 1.0 RC4 Released

Maven 1.0 RC4 has been released. Since its been a while since RC3, we snuck in a few useful features and bugfixes.

This really is the final release candidate – a couple of bugfixes will be done but 1.0 should follow shortly.

Here are the release notes…

Maven 1.0 RC4 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Maven 1.0 RC4.

Maven is a project management and project comprehension tool. Maven is based on the concept of a project object model: builds, documentation creation, site publication, and distribution publication are all controlled from the project
object model. Maven also provides tools to create source metrics, change logs
based directly on source repository, and source cross-references.

Maven 1.0 RC4 is the final release candidate for Maven 1.0 (and this time we
mean it!)

New Features

* Support NTLM authentication on a remote repository. Issue: MAVEN-1332.
Thanks to george wang.

Fixed bugs

* Sort all installed plugins. Issue: MAVEN-1320. Thanks to Miguel Griffa.
* Fix HTTP BASIC authentication for remote repos. Issue: MAVEN-1273. Thanks to Andreas Peschka.
* Repository element was broken for non-cvs connections Issue: MAVEN-1298.


* Set maven.plugin.user.dir to ${maven.home.local}/plugins by default, move maven.plugin.unpacked.dir to ${maven.home.local}/cache.
* Read local plugin jars from maven.plugin.user.dir instead of
* Use commons-httpclient for http downloads from the repository.

Plugin Highlights

* The deploy plugin has been merged into the artifact plugin. The artifact plugin is used for all artifact deployments now, and supports the old-style deployment transparently.
* Addition of the new RAR plugin.
* For individual plugin changes, see the Changes report for plugins at:

We hope you enjoy using Maven! If you have any questions, please consult:
* the FAQ:
* the Wiki:
* the maven-user mailing list:

For news and information, see:
* Maven Blogs:

– The Apache Maven Team

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