Maven 1.0 RC3 Released

The Maven team is pleased to announce the Maven 1.0-rc3 release!

Maven 1.0 RC3 is the final release candidate for Maven 1.0.

Maven is a project management and project comprehension tool. Maven is based
on the concept of a project object model: builds, documentation creation, site
publication, and distribution publication are all controlled from the project
object model. Maven also provides tools to create source metrics, change logs
based directly on source repository, and source cross-references.

Changes in this version include:

New Features:

o Introduce a backwards compatibility option,
which disables the functionality when set to false. Issue: MAVEN-1255.
o Show help on how to submit a bug report if Maven dies with an unexpected
o Add to
o Add sort attribute to reactor tag.
o Add collectOnly and collectionVar attributes to reactor tag. Thanks to John
o Improve maven -g output, and add -u and -P switches for additional usage
o maven:get/maven:set tags replace maven:pluginVar
o Install and uninstall plugin jelly tags for managing plugins on the fly. Issue:
o Ships with the latest maven standard plugin releases.
o All plugin releases were polished up.

Fixed bugs:

o Parent project properties are now correctly loaded from extended
project.xml files. This was implemented previously, but the properties were
not being passed through to the final goal attainment context. Issue:
o Evaluate context variables before inserting them into the ant properties
Issue: MAVEN-1275. Thanks to Henning Schmiedehausen.
o Have system entities with relative paths in maven.xml and plugin scripts
resolve relative to the correct location. Issue: MAVEN-1223. Thanks to
joseph benavidez.
o Setup dependency path for non-classpath dependencies Issue: MAVEN-1265.
o Fix install_repo.bat problems on Windows 98 Issue: MAVEN-956.
o Allow plugin installation and uninstallation from the plugin manager and
the cache so that it can be done on the fly. Issue: MAVEN-1219.
o Snapshot is now downloaded only if the remote version is more recent than
local version. Issue: MAVEN-1226.
o Fix fatal exception running goals defined inside j:import’ed scripts.
o Correctly report certain types of fatal exceptions inside of silently
ignoring them.
o use correct new lines in maven -g output Issue: MAVEN-1227.
o Apply patch to use system encoding for project so that xdoc transformation
of POM works on non-ISO8859-1 systems. Issue: MAVEN-1050. Thanks to
Shinsuke SUGAYA.
o Improve error handling of HttpUtils Issue: MAVEN-558. Thanks to David


o Add a Base64 implementation to replace the sun.* internal version. Issue:
MAVEN-1129. Thanks to John Casey.
o Remove tools.jar from startup classpath so it will run on non-Sun JVMs such
as Kaffe. Issue: MAVEN-1129.
o Move maven jelly tags to maven-jelly-tags subproject
o Show extended information with –info: list of installed plugins (including
versions), and ~/


o The experimental codeswitcher and perforce plugins were removed from the
o The StatCVS plugin has been moved to the StatCVS project and has been removed
from the distribution. see:

Plugin highlights:

o Add a “classic” theme CSS
o Items in navigation.xml and reports can define a target attribute. Items in
links can use an img attribute to create an icon. New CSS class named
“externalLink” used for links with an url beginning with ‘http://’. New CSS
class named “newWindow” used for links with target=’_blank’. Issue:
MPXDOC-97. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina, Harald Ommang .
o Add a plugin:install-now goal that installs the plugin into the currently
running instance of maven so that it can be used by subsequent goals.
Issue: MAVEN-1219.
o Add plugin:uninstall-now that removes the plugin from the currently running
instance of Maven. Issue: MAVEN-1219.
o Fix issues with DOM classes and jdk1.3
o For individual plugin changes, see the Changes report for plugins at:

We hope you enjoy using Maven! If you have any questions, please consult:

* the FAQ:
* the Wiki:
* the maven-user mailing list:

For news and information, see:

* Maven Blogs:

– The Apache Maven Team

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