Maven 1.0 expected this lifetime

Finally got around to mapping all of the plugin issues that might constitute a Maven 1.0 release.

All of the functional issues are mapped for RC3, with further documentation issues and issues arising from RC3 to be done by 1.0.

As it stands there are 31 functional issues to fix…
The Roadmap
with the plugin issues listed here:

Of course, plugin development will continue and plugins will be released individually through 1.0 and onwards.

I’m hoping that a bunch of people will test RC3 to its limits to ensure we have as complete a release as possible for Maven 1.0.

Among recent fixes was the second oldest open bug:
MAVEN-37 is now inherited along with your project.xml file.

One response to “Maven 1.0 expected this lifetime

  1. All I can say is WOOHOO!

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