Maven 1.0 RC2 Released

here are the release notes…

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Maven 1.0 RC2.

Maven is a Java project management and project comprehension
tool. Maven is based on the concept of a project object model (POM).
The intent of Maven is to make intra-project development highly manageable
in the hopes of providing more time for cross-project development.

RC2 is a release candidate for Maven 1.0. The main focus for this release was
– Remove a memory leak in long-lived and multiple project builds
– Reworking the internals for more maintainability while retaining full backwards
compatibility with RC1.
– Many other bugfixes

For a complete list of changes in the Maven core, see JIRA:

While no new features have been added to Maven’s central architecture, RC2
includes all the latest releases of the plugins developed at Apache. Most
plugins include bugfixes and new functionality since the RC1 release.

In addition, the following plugins have been added to the release:
– announcement: generates templated release announcements for a project
– aspectwerkz: Aspectwerkz integration
– caller: A goal interface for Maven plugins
– dashboard: A report plugin that aggregates reports from multiple projects
– javacc: generates code based on user-supplied Javacc/JJtree grammars
– jdiff: generates an api difference report between versions
– jetty: Jetty integration
– jira: generates a Maven report from JIRA
– multichanges: A report plugin that aggregates changes reports from multiple
– nsis: generates a Windows Installer for your project using the Nullsoft
Installer System

The following plugins have had major upgrades since the last release:
– pdf: a complete rewrite now produces a much better PDF representation of
your project site.
– xdoc: Maven site’s now have a new default look-and-feel and are more

For changes made to individual plugins since the last release, you can review
the release history at JIRA.

The following plugins are no longer distributed with Maven and must be downloaded
from an external source:
– cactus: download instructions at
– word2html, was40: download from

We hope you enjoy using Maven! If you have any questions, please consult:
– the FAQ:
– the Wiki:
– the maven-user mailing list:

For news and information, see:
– Maven Blogs:

– The Apache Maven Team

One response to “Maven 1.0 RC2 Released

  1. hi,

    I’m using win98 SE, and i’ve Installed Maven, but when i start to run Maven it says “Out of environment space” for 5 times. JAVA_HOME and MAVEN_HOME is already set. i need some one to help me out this.


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