Sun abandons version numbers in favour of rebranding

As any product approaches version “10”, there seems to be an aversion to using a version. Red Hat Linux stopped at 9 and merged with Fedora. Mac OS decided roman numerals were the go, Microsoft started throwing all sorts of years, letters, and marketing symbols behind the versions of their software.

Sun’s application server isn’t really that close to 10 (currently at 7 and I’m not sure there were really 6 versions before that), but it seems that the history of rebranding it is going to continue. Sun ONE as a brand is probably not that old itself, but it seems that the J2EE 1.4 RI will now equal Sun’s application server (I’m not sure they were that much different before) and be called the Java System Application Server.

This move actually makes a lot of sense to me, but I wish they’d make up their minds!

I’ve actually been trying out S1AS7 recently as we are going to have to start doing some work with a JMS queue and don’t currently own an application server. I’ve had some issues configuring it and loading any apps that use log4j, but other than that it was pretty simple.

2 responses to “Sun abandons version numbers in favour of rebranding

  1. You can check

    Sybase/Adaptive Server Enterprise version 12.5.1

  2. Version numbers are overrated anyway. Named versions are great for knowing that you have the right thing, the only thing that numbers add is a comparator. Most of the time you can get by without that and go with something marketable.

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