Mike Cannon-Brookes on TSS and WebWork

For those that couldn’t be in Sydney to see Mike Cannon-Brookes speak at SJUG a few months back, this tech talk on TSS has a lot of similar elements in there. Interesting reading/listening depending on your preference for video or transcript.

I’ve promised myself I’ll give WebWork2 a try “real soon now”, but regardless I think we are probably tied to Struts and Tiles here due to the large amount of infrastructure and code invested into it by now.

Not that there is anything wrong with Struts! There certainly seems to be a lot of favourable comments for WebWork over Struts, but I still find I can churn new actions out nice and quickly, and don’t tend to get too bogged down in repetitive form beans by reusing one across a sub-application and using validator to define all the rules on the input. Still, I can see where it can be cleaner, and maybe WebWork is the way to go.

Has anyone had a negative experience with WebWork2? That’s something I’m yet to hear.

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