JMeter to the Rescue

I’m impressed.

I haven’t checked out JMeter for some time, although even when I did use it briefly about August last year for a large project’s load testing requirements, it did the job.

The more recent versions have added a little polish, but now come with an ant task for automating the load test run and the server-side capacilities seem a lot clearer although I still haven’t given them a try.

I think I’ll be using it more often from now on, as automating such tests is a necessity, and its great to be able to test several components of your app in one platform (full web requests vs just the SQL you are running via the JDBC tests).

Add in a little functional testing by checking so pre and post conditions and you’ve got a reasonable solution. Considering we’ve used a commercial product with which I no longer have any confidence in its consistency or results, I’m really impressed with JMeter.

One thing though, the “add component” interface and the open/save model needs a serious redesign. Probably my only complaint a year ago and it is still there. File open does an import, and save does a subtree export. This is fine, but really it needs a workspace open/save option that is the default, and adding bits into the work space under separate test plans needs to be easier. I think it is possible under the current interface, but its certainly unclear. But this is only a minor complaint, because once it is setup you rarely worry about it.

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