Neat Stuff in IntelliJ

I can’t believe I’m still discovering neat new things in IntelliJ. Ok, so that’s partly to do with not having done a lot of development since I got it, which is unfortunate.
Some of the things I’ve been discovering today are:

  • The stats in the console window for Junit tests
  • those inheritance annotations in the left nav that helps you navigate your hierachy
  • showing the top of a scope just above the top of the window when at the bottom and it has scrolled off
  • the annotation of comments as thin gray bars in the right nav – good for locating big chunks of commented out code 🙂

I’d recommend checking them out. Build 915 is much more stable than 908, and they have several new features over the 800’s – I wonder if they are getting close to a release? (we get free upgrades until the end of September, so I hope so! 🙂
I still can’t seem to get the hotswapping to work (not that I use it often) though, nor the error reporting through the proxy. That’s a shame because there are a couple of errors I have noticed.

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