Maven: what I’m working on

I’ve started out committing some of my changes into CVS. I’ll need to test them again now and apply them over the course of a week.

I think the next few things on my list are:

  1. Roll in the changes I’ve made to plugins for our work environment into the main versions, as I’ve made them all generic cases (appserver:precompile-jsp for Tomcat 4.1, war:inplace goal are two examples)
  2. Fix bugs assigned to RC1
  3. Add more improvements to the IDEA plugin for Aurora
  4. Other ideas I’ve posted to JIRA like improving filtering, mailing test reports and the like, all probably post-1.0
  5. Flesh out the SCM and cruise control plugins some more. Support more VSS systems. Maybe integrate with ChangeLog?

Oh, and I really enjoyed this piece on WebLogic 8.1 too 🙂

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