IntelliJ Aurora

Being a new IntelliJ user, I must admit to not having done a lot of research about what was available for it plugin-wise. I’ve now found the community site and the early access site. A few of the plugins are quite handy, but I was much more impressed by IntelliJ Aurora, the current beta version. Not only is it running rather smoothly on my laptop (128mb RAM rarely cuts it for an IDE these days), but the look and feel is now much more polished, and the featureset has grown quite a bit. I’m especially pleased to see line wrapping added to the reformatting commands, and the new project enhancements are exactly what I was looking for.
Probably the only disappointment is that the project importing from v3 projects doesn’t work correctly, so I can’t use Maven to generate the project files. I think it just isn’t creating the new IML files. To fix this, I’ve started working on upgrading the Maven plugin to handle v4 projects directly.
Overall – very happy with it. Seems stable even for a beta other than the above bug, but we’ll see how it goes over time.

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