AJUG and Maven

There’s been plenty of positive feedback on the AJUG meeting the other night. Conor and Mike both viewed it as a success. I’m looking forward to going to the next one and meeting a few more people.
Looks like dIon has done a great job pulling Maven’s CVS HEAD back into shape, but it may still be a short while off being usable for most projects. The new code has succeeded tremendously at its aim though, bootstrapping with all the plugins in 8 minutes on my home machine using just 16M of RAM – fantastic! Previously it was several hours if I wanted to wait for the swap to thrash through, or about 1/2 hr if I wrote a shell script to re-run maven for each plugin.

2 responses to “AJUG and Maven

  1. Hi,
    I didn’t know the AJUG was back on. Has the mailer altered?
    I attended most of the ones held last year.


  2. Nick, these posts just went through JavaBlogs again because the page style changed and somehow got mared as new. It was from, July last year. However, it is on tonight! 🙂

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